For some reason, this new year really feels new. It feels like a fresh start, and I’ve been trying to start some new habits. My word for 2020 is intentional. I want to be intentional with my time, my consumption, and my health. Obviously there are other areas, too, but so far these are what I’m focusing on. I wanted to share some things that have been helping me build some good habits so far.

1. Fridge Dry Erase Board

My husband and I are trying to eat out only once a week when it’s just our family (we won’t miss dinner invites with friends and family). We are both trying to make choices that are good for our bodies, and bonus, it’s also good for our wallets. One thing we ran into when we’d meal prep for an entire week is we’d forget what we planned, or we wouldn’t commit to what days we’d be cooking what. Then, we’d forget to prep ingredients or not give ourselves enough time to prep the meal. This would often lead to us making unhealthy choices or grabbing something quick that wasn’t really satisfying.

Now, I’ve been making a weekly schedule of meals on a dry erase board. This gives us a heads up for what ingredients and also keeps up from being wishy washy about the meals we’ve planned. It’s worked really well for us.

2. Desk Calendar

I also really wanted to commit to a workout schedule this year. Three times a week is my minimum goal. January-March is really busy for me because I coach cheerleading, and basketball season is full of games. By scheduling my workouts on my desk calendar, I’ve really committed to getting them done. Something about seeing my week in advance has really helped me. I’ve also put non-fitness related things on my calendar, and it feels really good to mark them off.

3. Fitness App

In a different season of life, I am totally down for going to the gym. However, with work, two boys, and coaching, at home workouts are where it’s at. I just downloaded the ToneItUp app, and I think it’s going to be great. I did the Manhattan Beach Booty workout today, and I like the format and how I felt after. I’ve also used the Sweat App and DailyBurn in the past. I think having something accessible, whatever that looks like for you, is important for a consistent routine.

4. Podcasts and Audiobooks

I want to be more mindful of my time. My husband listens to podcasts and audiobooks all the time, and I want to get better at utilizing my down time, too. I listened to Dolly Parton’s America, and I felt like I learned a lot. I want to find more podcasts to listen to. Right now, Youtube is my background noise. And although I love beauty Youtube, it’s really hard to resist purchasing things when I watch it. There’s always a great recommendation or cute product. I think I need to detox a bit.

Let me know what your word for 2020 is!