Social media would have you think that every beautiful woman has several shelves lined with beautiful, expensive skincare products and a fifteen step skincare routine. I’ll admit, I use a lot of skincare, and I purchase things because the packaging is pretty or the product smells nice. However, sometimes I need to take a step back and detox my mind. Skincare can also be simple. It can be affordable. There are steps I can take that don’t require Sephora’s website. Here’s a list of things we can do to take care of our skin without spending a lot of money.

Drink water: I know , I know. You’ve heard this. However, only recently I have begun to notice that drinking water really does directly impact my complexion. I’m my glowiest when I’m well-hydrated. I’ve found that cups that keep my drink really cool and (reusable metal) straws make drinking water more enjoyable for me.

Hands off: This one is a tough one for me. I have to seriously resist the urge to pick, pop, peel, or whatever if there is a spot or dry patch on my face. Something in my brain tells me I can fix it, even though I know I can’t. Touching my face has never worked in my favor. Also remembering to try to avoid touching my face throughout the day, like resting my chin in my hands, is important.

Wash: Again, you’ve probably been told to wash your face before bed. To add, awhile back my mom told me a story about a dermatologist that had a family of girls. They changed out their pillowcases every. single. night. He swore that having a spotlessly clean pillowcase led to clear skin. While every night is more often than I do, it did give me a new perspective on cleaning our bedding. Now it’s also part of my skincare regimen. Don’t forget makeup brushes, scarves, and hats, too.

Sunscreen: I didn’t always protect my skin from the sun like I do now. I’ve noticed the most dramatic changes in my skin when I started wearing sunscreen every single day. My complexion is more even and it’s an anti-aging step that can be affordable. The industry seems to also be valuing SPF more now, too, and there has been a lot of exciting product development.

Go Lower: Another tip from my mom is to include your neck, chest, and the backs of your hands when you moisturize. I do this with my SPF, too. Our faces are not the only parts of our bodies that crave hydration, and the rest of our bodies see daylight, too.

Be Gentle: we all know to not be rough on facial skin, especially around the eyes, but we also need to be gentle with our thoughts. I spent a lot of my youth fixated on things I couldn’t change and were completely natural. My skin would make me embarrassed and anxious. Now I’m realizing our skin protects, grows with us, and is something we will have forever. It’s amazing. Lines and spots do not make it any less amazing. Take care of yourself by treating yourself and your skin kindly.