​Something I like to do when I feel the urge to shop unnecessarily is create collections. I’m always intrigued by inspired collections, and this keeps older products feeling fresh. I do this with makeup, and this was the first time I tried it with nail polish. When I was younger, I thought naming nail polish shades and collections would be the coolest job. Now creating curated sets is a fun hobby.

This idea is similar to a “shop my stash.” I just like a good theme, so I threw that in, too. Into the Gloss posted about mood boards yesterday, and that fits into this idea as well. Picking a vibe or destination makes well loved makeup products feel different.

Four or my favorite nail polish shades creates “Santorini Skies”

Sunwashed Pink

Let’s Be Friends by OPI is a pretty almost-white pink. I love this shade and have used it many times. It’s also a favorite of my mom’s as well. I recommend three coats if you’re doing your own mani.


Icebergers and Fries has been a long time favorite of mine. I love it all times of the year, but it’s especially nice with a suntan.

Bright Skies

It’s a Boy by OPI is a beautiful light blue. It reminds me of the sunwashed doors and shutters of Greece or the bottom of a pool. It’s a great spring and summer color. Bonus: it’s opaque in two coats.


My Solar Clock is Ticking is another year round favorite. It’s an orangey, browny, red shade that reminds me of terra-cotta pots.

This exercise is all about loving what you have and making them feel new; however, if I was going to add to this collection, these are the two shades I bring in.

Lush Green

Something needs to fill those terra-cotta pots right? 11 by Lights Lacquer is the coolest green shade I’ve seen. It’s made me double take a few times.

Bright White

A staple of Santorini is the bright white buildings; I really want to try Paper Snow by Lights Lacquer, too.

Let me know how you keeps your products feeling fresh!