Nostalgia is an emotion I feel hard. I become very attached to moments and items, so when something reminds me of my childhood, I’m immediately drawn in. Recently, fashion and beauty has really thrown me back, and I like it. Here are some products or trends that have created some serious intrigue based on nostalgia.


Glitter has made a major comeback. Pressed versions have remained a staple, but I love that suspended and roll-on options are back in the spotlight. While I don’t have plans for slathering this type of glitter on for work or the weekend, I double-take every time I see a launch of pretty glitters. It reminds me of dressing up and putting on makeup with my friends as a kid. We’d pretend we were Britney or the Spice girls and dance around the house. I also made sure to incorporate glitter into my halloween costume (an alien) this year.

These versions from Colourpop, Glossier, and Fenty have caught my attention.


Fuzzy Sweaters

I have a soft spot wink for fuzzy sweaters. These super fluffy ones really remind me of my childhood. They are the epitome of girly.

This cream sweater is from Express.

Long, Face Framing Bangs

While there are some haircuts from my childhood I won’t ever revisit (fourth grade mushroom head), this is one I am currently back to wearing. I love a good slicked-back ponytail, but switching it up with face framing layers has been fun. One of the first hair trends I remember intentionally following was the bang-down-hair-clip-flip of the 90’s.

This Palette

Something about this beautiful CoverFx palette makes me feel so much beauty nostalgia. It reminds me of a palette I’d imagine my Barbies having at their plastic vanity. The compact size and color is exactly what I dreamed of having.

What products make you feel nostalgic? Let me know!