One style of video I like to watch on Youtube is a “shop my stash.” They have big collections of makeup, so every week or month they swap out new products to try. I have a relatively small collection, but when the seasons start shifting, I like to pull in new products. I’m really feeling the spring transition early this year, so here are some products I’ll be pulling into my everyday look.

Becca Khloe and Malika Palette

November-January I like a kissed by the cold flush. Now, I’m phasing that out and moving into warmer, glowier tones. This palette is perfect. I love to use the blushes on their own, swirl them together, or mix with the highlight. The bronzer isn’t great for me, but it’s nice in my eyes’ creases. This palette was limited edition, so there are some similar looking products below. I have not tried these myself, so you might watch or read reviews if you are thinking about picking them up!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in O-zone You Didn’t

Changing up nail polish is such a quick fix. I love this periwinkle color for right now. It reminded me of Melt’s Millennial Pinx Palette- and it’s much more affordable way to rock this color. My niece also had a similar color on her toes and influenced me. This is the first time I’ve tried this formula, and I’m really happy with the application. It was creamy and shiny. I’ll let you know how well it lasts.

Dior Lip Glow in 001 Pink Glow and Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Coral

Winter is a great time to rock a red or brown matte lip. As I crave warmer weather, I’m read for something balmy and light. The Dior is a great my lips but hydrated look. The Fresh version packs more of a punch, but is so comfortable. I hadn’t tried this treatment for a long time, and I think they have reformulated since. It’s less slippery than I remember-which is what I prefer.

Similar Products:

The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes (especially in Diffused Heat) reminds me of the blushes in the Becca palette.

This Nars Afterglow Overlust Cheek Palette has similar warm tones and variety of complexion products.

I’ve heard great things about the Smashbox Cali Contour Palette. It’s also warm and looks like it would work well into summer.

Wearing the two blushes and Fresh lip.

Let me know what products you’ll be pulling into your everyday look!