​A couple of years ago I decided I was finally going to learn how to do winged liner (spoiler, still haven’t). I went to YouTube, and I discovered a world I had no idea existed. Before that, I only went to YouTube to find funny videos or music videos. I had no idea the Beauty Community existed. I found all my beauty information from magazines, Pinterest, and Instagram. Now, I am subscribed to several channels and it’s my go-to washing dishes or cooking dinner noise.

When I was younger, I loved getting ready with my friends. It was usually even better than going out. I liked to look through their makeup bags, do their hair and makeup, and just talk. Beauty YouTube is like the grown up supplement of that experience. Here are some of my favorite beauty YouTubers that you might enjoy, too.


If you need realness and a laugh, Kristi is your girl. She is so down to earth and thoughtful. I love hearing her talk about animals and nature as well as her expertise in makeup. She’s so talented and creative, and she also gives life advice along the way (and not in an obnoxious way).


Stephanie also has a great sense of humor. She does makeup, skincare, fashion, and lifestyle videos. I really like her style. I’ve also made some of her “Chef Steph” recipes.

Wayne Goss

Wayne gives the best beauty advice. He knows what he’s talking about. I appreciate that his videos are concise. I’ve learned more makeup tips from him that I use in daily life than any other creator.

Jessica Braun

Jessica is a YouTuber that I relate to. She was a teacher, and she is a mom and a wife. She also loves Disney and theater. I like feeling those connections when I watch her, and her former career definitely lends itself to YouTube.


Kathleen is another YouTuber I relate to but in a different way. We are the same age, so her references and nostalgic moments are so accurate for me. I also love her 90’s aesthetic because it’s so familiar.

Let me know who you enjoy watching!