​I get really excited by a good food find. Here are some foods that I found worthy of sharing.

Topo Chico Mineral Water

I usually hate carbonated water. Like really hate it. This one is special, though. I saw Jojo Fletcher recommend it, and the packaging is cute, so I bought it. I love it. It’s bubbly but it doesn’t have that sting that most carbonated water has- the one where you have to purse your lips. It’s refreshing and a fun switch up from plain water.

Makoto Ginger Dressing

This is the best ginger dressing I’ve purchased. It tastes just like the one at my favorite sushi restaurant. It’s got so much chunky ginger, and it’s not sickly sweet from sesame like most store bought versions. I’ve put it on spinach with just rotisserie chicken and enjoyed it, so that’s a win.


My husband and I never eat pasta. He has a gluten sensitivity, so pasta dishes have been a no for awhile. I’m so happy we tried this. It is just like pasta but made from chickpeas. Both of us have devoured the dishes we’ve made with it.

Purely Inspired Organic Protein

Since going back to work, I’ve wanted a quick breakfast. I’ve been making shakes with this protein, and I really like it. It has a nice flavor for protein powder. My husband also likes that it’s plant based because he hasn’t enjoyed whey protein.

Orville Redenbacher’s Naturals Simply Salted Popcorn

This is what I’m most excited to share. This popcorn is delicious! It’s just the right amount of salt and not overly buttery. My family has gone through 12 bags of it, and we are buying more for sure. We’ve eaten more popcorn since discovering it than we’ve ever eaten in five years.

Let me know your best food finds!