I used to really stress about shopping for my husband. I wanted to find something just right. In the years we’ve been together, I’ve found practical is always the best option. He wants gifts that he can use often, consume, or fix a problem he has. Here are some of my favorite gifts for the guys in your life:

The Most Practical

My mom used to joke about getting us underwear and socks for Christmas. As an adult, that sounds great.

Pair of Thieves Underwear

So maybe getting these for your dad or grandpa would be awkward, but I bought these for my husband for his birthday and he loves them. We bought them for my oldest son, and after laundering them a few times I convinced my husband he needed them, too. They are so soft and come in cool patterns. They also hold up really well in the wash.

Bombas Socks

These are great for any man in your life. They are also comfortable and seamless. They also hold up after laundering.

Quip Toothbrush

My husband and I both love our Quip toothbrushes. They are not only super sleek in design, but they also do a great job cleaning our teeth. You can find a promo code online, and also set him up so he receives brush heads in the months to come.

Drink Up

Consumables are some of my favorite gifts. My husband doesn’t like having a lot of stuff, so something he can eat or drink for gifts is great.

Moscow Mule Drink Crate

Seasonal drinks are so fun, and an entire kit might be something your man wouldn’t buy for himself. This kit looks very masculine and delicious.

Build Your Own SIx Pack

Our own liquor store provides carriers so you can build your own six pack. This time of year I love filling them with Christmas ales and other seasonal beverages. I always like to tie a big ribbon bow to the handle. It looks cute and is practical.

Coffee and Mug

Coffee you can’t buy locally is a nice gift for Christmas. My brother really like this brand. I also like travel mugs for gifts.

Bundle Up

Gloves, hats, thermals, and coats are always needed this time of year. I know one thing my husband doesn’t really buy for himself is a nice coat.


I really like these two options. They are fashionable and practical.

Solve a Problem

My favorite gifts I give are ones that solve problems. I’ve watched my husband untangle headphones and rig up the wires so he can mow while listening to a podcast. In comes:


Shh… Don’t tell, but this is what I’m getting Michael for Christmas. It’s more splurgey than we usually go, but I’m really excited to surprise him.

Let me know what you plan on buying the guys in your life! Happy shopping!