The holidays are here, and I’m ready for festive makeup! I’m usually into natural or soft glam looks, but during the holidays I like to slightly spice things up. Throwing on a red lip or glittery eye is fun this type of year.

I’m not a makeup artist, but years of doing my own makeup and watching Youtube has made me feel more comfortable with glam looks. I didn’t invent these tips, and I have been doing them for so long that I can’t credit who did. Here are my best tips for holiday glam looks:


I think lashes are important for glam makeup, especially if I’m doing a smoky or bold eye look.

Falsies: I don’t wear falsies often. However, I’ve learned that letting glue sit for a bit on your lashes before applying them is really helpful. By putting some glue on lashes and then sitting them down, the glue gets a little sticky and easier to work with. Also, getting some small scissors and customizing the length of the band or the lashes can make them more comfortable, too.

Voluminous Lashes: I add more volume to my lashes by using a lash primer. My favorite mascara is the Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Vol. II.

Zero Smudge: I never wear anything else but Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions on my lower lashline. It’s lengthening and it never smudges.


I typically put a little more work into my base for holiday looks. I think it just helps everything look more cohesive.

Prevent Flashback: If I know I’ll be taking pictures, I’ll avoid anything with SPF or white powder. My moisturizer of choice is the Drunk Elephant Protini Peptide moisturizer. I don’t have a good powder recommendation, because my dry skin holds up with foundation without it.

Fill Pores: I have a love/hate relationship with pore filling products. Sometimes I need them, but then I question if filing my pores with products is going to make the situation worse. Logic says probably. However, for one evening, how bad could a pore filling primer hurt? My favorite is the Milk blur stick. Mine has lasted forever, and it’s the tiny sample size. I avoid the slippery silicone primers because they always pill up on my skin.


Highlight is also fun this time of year. I like mine to look as natural as possible. Like I drink a lot of water (I try, but not enough to make me glow).

Buff In: To make highlight really natural, I take quite a bit of time to buff it in. This keeps it from looking like a line on my face. I also like to use my blush brush so the colors meld together a bit.


A bold lip used to be a lot more intimidating for me. Now, I feel like I have some more bulletproof steps to help.

Scrub and Hydrate: Sloughing of dead skin makes lips ready for a bold lip. Lip scrubs are my favorite way to do this. I’ve used the VS one for awhile and like it. Lush has great, edible versions, too. Hydrating with a balm is important, too. Glossier’s Balm Dot Com works well for me because it’s hydrating without being gloopy. Anything too thick makes a precise application almost impossible.

Layer Up: I start by using a lip liner that is a shade or two darker than my lips. I like doing this because my freckles make my lipline a little less defined. I find the more subtle shade easy to lay a base layer. Then, I go in with a liner close to the same shade as my lipstick. Then, I apply my bold lip.

Touch Up: Having a small, dense brush (I use the one from the Naked palettes) to touch up any mistakes. I wipe of any rouge lipstick then pat my concealer on. This helps me not smear it all over my face. I love the Too Faced Born This Way Concealer. Putting a dot on the back of my hand then dipping my brush in gives me more control with this creamy formula.


I love the look of complicated eye looks, but usually go for something simple. These tips help me add a fun pop to my makeup looks.

Brighten Up: I rarely use an eye primer, but when I want my eyeshadow to be really pigmented, I’ll use a white eyeshadow primer. This allows the color to stay more true to the pigment in the pan. Kind of like when you put a white base layer under nail polish.

Clean Up: When you do your eyes before the rest of your face, cleaning up stray shadow is easy. I’ve started doing this everyday, but it’s especially useful for smoky or glittery eyeshadow looks.

Make It Stick: Using a glitter primer helps make shadow and glitter stick and last. I also think it makes sparkles look more sparkly because you can really pack them on.

What are your favorite holiday makeup looks? Let me know!