The holiday season is almost upon us, and parties are about to begin. I always like to come with a hostess gift. Wine and candles are always my go-to’s, but sprucing them up with some cute pairings is a way to make them feel more personal.

Here are some of my favorite hostess gift ideas:

Mug and Fillings

I think so many people enjoy a cute mug. Finding one that is just right for a person is already individualized, but finding something they’d like to fill it with adds a little something extra. These Mulling Spices are my favorite, and I think hot cocoa sticks or spoons makes the best hot chocolate.

Marble Mug

Mulling Spices

Hot Cocoa Spoons

Clover Honey Spoons

Some other mug options from Target, Anthropologie, William’s Sonoma, and Pottery Barn

Candle and Accessories

Candles are another favorite, and adding a wick trimmer or cute matches is fun.

Winter Candle


Candle Accessories

My other favorite holiday candles are from Nest

Wine Pairings

Bringing a bottle of wine is a classic hostess option. Throwing in an opener or bottle stopper is purposeful and cute. This is my favorite wine (I’m a noob). We use our Houdini on the regular, and I really enjoy an adorable bottle stopper.


Houdini Wine Opener

Bottle Stopper

Kitchen Needs

Dirty dishes is a universal problem, so gifting something that makes that feel a little nicer is thoughtful. I love having a good-smelling dish soap and cute kitchen towels.

Dish Soap


What are your favorite hostess gifts? Let me know!