When the cold fronts hit and even the sun is slower getting around, work mornings are tough. The bed is warm, my slippers are soft, my coffee just isn’t enough. On those days, my makeup has an extra duty: help me fake awake. Here are some simple steps to help you achieve an “awake” look when all you want to do is hit snooze. Repeatedly.

Priming Spray

When splashing your face doesn’t wake you up enough, using a priming spray can also help. I welcome refreshing products on those tough mornings. This L’oreal spray has a fine and pleasant mist and adds hydration, another bonus for sleepy skin.

Color Corrector

When my dark circles come out, I like to use this Becca corrector to help minimize the darkness. It reflects light and really makes my undereyes look awake. I use a small amount because it’s quite thick and pat it in with the warmth of my fingertips.

Inner Corners

Another way to look alive is to really highlight the eyes’ inner corners. I find this makes a big difference. I will use a tiny dab of a light concealer right in that spot. I don’t use that light color under my entire undereye because it doesn’t provided adequate coverage. I will also add a pop of a bright white, like MAC Nylon. When I’m in for a long evening, this is the first step I’ll do for retouching. It wakes up my tired eyes in a flash. I’ve been using an Ecotools eyeshadow detail brush to really focus the highlight in that small area.

Reduce Redness

One tip I’ve learned is adding a nude liner to my lower waterline. If I’m really tired, my waterline will be red and this makes me look even sleepier. Using a nude liner brightens my eyes. Rimmel makes an affordable, creamy version.

Add Some Color

Nothing looks more awake than rosy lips and cheeks. Throwing on an effortless formula is always the best bet for me. When I’m tired, a complicated look is not in the cards. Instead, products like Glossier Cloud Paints and Revlon’s lip cushions are easy to throw on and brighten up my face.

What are your best awake tips? Let me know!