When I’m in a huge hurry it never fails that there is something beauty-related that I have to tackle. Whether it’s my eyebrows out of control or my flyaways can’t be tamed, these little beauty issues attempt to make late. Here are some hacks that have helped in those moments.

Facial Hair

There’s been several mornings where I’ve looked in my magnified mirror and saw facial hair that’s gotten out of control. And an hour before work is not the time for plucking or waxing because I’ve got pretty sensitive skin that stays red for a long time. These Tinkle razors come in handy for those moments. Quick swipe, no redness, hair gone. Obviously the hairlessness doesn’t last as long as waxing or plucking, but it is a nice short term solution.

Cracked Heels

I hate when I’m wearing a cute pair of shoes but then notice my heels are in really rough shape. To remedy in the short term, I’ve used the hand lotion in my purse or desk drawer to add moisture. Lately, I’ve put this balm with my nighttime skincare. It’s the perfect size to dip my heels directly in, and I don’t mind doing that because my feet are clean from my shower and I only use this balm for that purpose. It keeps my heels really moisturized.


I don’t have the most manicured hands. I do all my nail care myself these days and, although I value polished hands, it’s usually not my most critical concern. One easy step I do to look more polished is put my Balm Dot Com on my lips and cuticles before putting makeup on. My fingers may not be painted, but they are clean and not crusty for the day.


Nine month postpartum, my flyaways are something fierce. I still love rocking a high pony, though. To tame my flyaways, I’ll rub a bit of Argan oil between my hands and smooth hair into place. If that doesn’t work, I’ll swipe some of my husbands hair gel and spot treat with an old toothbrush.

Mascara Mess

So many times I’ve applied the perfect mascara application and then sneezed. Mascara dots go everywhere. Ok, so that sounds dramatic, but it is frustrating. To clean up, I wait till the mascara is completely dry. Then, it usually flakes off easily. If there’s a little smear left behind, I’ll dab a Qtip in concealer and lightly cover wherever the mascara messed up.

Popped Zit

Sometimes I just cannot resist. When this happens I’ll do my face makeup at the very end of my beauty routine. This gives the skin a little time to heal and lose the redness. Then, I’ll use concealer to cover, but I make sure not to concentrate it solely on the blemish, but the area around. That makes sure light isn’t drawing attention to it.

What are some things that help you get ready in a pinch? Let me know!