I’ve seen so many memes going around about how January has been 1,000 days long, and man has that been true. I feel like my family and I kind of holed up all January, and I’m not mad about it. It’s been nice to stay in and take it easy after the holidays. Here are my favorite products from this month.

Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette

This palette has been my eyeshadow routine all month. It’s so easy to use for everyday looks. It’s been so bleak and dark in the mornings, so getting up and around has been slower for me. It’s nice to have a look I can do with little effort, thinking, or time. My most used shades are Strip Poker and Cashmere Bunny- I’m about to hit pan on both. The packaging is also weighty, pretty, and luxe.

IGK First Class Dry Shampoo

This stuff is so nice. Again, January has got me lazy, and hair washing is a chore. I’ve been using this on off days, and it keeps my hair feeling fresh and voluminous. This formula smells and feels nice.

Bondi Sands Tanning Milk

I’ve wanted something to give me a little color without making me look self tanned. This formula is a subtle color on my skin and just gives me a little glow. It does not have a self tan smell and I haven’t noticed any streaking. I usually like a more reddish undertone in my tans, but this one is so subtle that the warm tone works for me.

Milton’s Crispy Sea Salt Crackers

Okay, so if this favorite doesn’t show you how boring my life is, I don’t know what will. You guys, these crackers are so good. I eat them almost everyday for lunch. They are salty, buttery, and thin. I used to just stick to Ritz or Tollhouse, but these crackers are gold.

Dermalogica Clear Start Toner

Spray toner is genius. I don’t know why I haven’t tried one so far. I love not wasting product or using a cotton round. This toner smells nice and feels good; I can’t speak to the “clearing” properties, yet, but I can keep you updated!

Let me know what products you’ve loved this month!