​I’ve been testing some new products and wanted to share my thoughts. I’ve really been enjoying these.

Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask

This has been on my wishlist for awhile, and when I finally ran out of my balm dot com I placed an order. This mask is so moisturizing and it isn’t scented. It also has a cooling effect that’s very refreshing.

Glossier Lip Gloss in Red

I have also been wanting to try this product. Several of my students have told me it’s a go-to. I like the shine and the feel of it- very juicy.The subtle tint also prevents the white cast that some lip glosses give me. It’s not as cushiony as I would have liked, but I will for sure use the whole tube.

Glossier Futuredew

I was most excited to give Futuredew a try. The packaging and marketing were a solid sell for me. The packaging is just as beautiful in person. The product itself is much more substantial and moisturizing than I anticipated; I thought it would have quite a bit of slip, but it’s more dewy than oily. It has a scent, but it hasn’t irritated my skin. I do like to let it set in before I apply makeup. It leaves a beautiful glow.

Lorac Glass Skin Primer

I also love this glowy product. The white glass packaging is so pretty. I use it on the high points of my face, and it does make my cheeks have a glassy sheen. It has an interesting texture; it almost reminds me of a serum or melted verison of the Smashbox silicone primer. They even smell similar.

Dior Rose ‘n Roses

I’ve been using this for awhile now and feel like I can give a better review. This perfume lasts a long time on my skin and has really nice notes. I know it seems like it’d be a typical rose perfume, but it isn’t. It’s so much lighter and cleaner smelling, and the lingering scent is super fresh.

Let me know what products you’ve been loving!