When I was in college, I purchased a lot of items from Victoria Secret’s pink line. I lived in their vnecks, shorts, and a pair of their yellow sweatpants. I also gifted several of their pajama shorts to my friends for birthdays and holidays. However, as I got older, I felt more self-conscious about wearing the obviously branded “Pink” items. Now, though, their branding is more inconspicuous, and I feel a lot more comfortable in their clothing. The brand is super comfortable and cute.

This pink sweatshirt is so nice and soft. It’s crew cut, and long enough to cover my bum in leggings. It also has a waistband, but it has slits on the side. I don’t like when sweatshirts have tight waistbands that make the fabric bunch up. This one lays flat. The leggings are acid wash, and I like the faded style. They are a cotton spandex blend, so they have a little bit of squeeze and shine that I prefer in my leggings. I find spandex makes them last longer, too.

I love this tshirt for weekends. The drawstrings give it a little extra spice compared to my usual tshirts. The print and color are outside my usual, too.

I bought this hoodie and legging set for gamedays. The hoodie is cropped, but the style is cute with high-waisted leggings. I also love the slit in the back because it’s an unexpected touch, and I can wear a regular bra with it. The leggings are opaque and have good hold.

This sweater is my favorite purchase. It’s so soft. Like cloud soft. It’s light enough I can wear in warmer temps. The fabric gives me Taylor Swift, Kacey Musgraves, and Ariana Grande vibes. I love the pink summer sunset aesthetic. I’ve been so drawn to that color combo and pattern. I couldn’t find the pink version online, so I linked the peach.

Last is this white cozy sweater. It’s oversized and so cuddly. I’ll be able to style it with so many outfits.

Do you find yourself falling out and then back in love with certain stores or brands? Let me know!