Priming my skin is a newer but now necessary step in my makeup routine. I used to throw on a moisturizer and call it good, but now I’ve added a few more products and am happy with the result. Lasting power isn’t so much a concern as much as a dewy, natural look. I want my skin to look like skin instead of makeup, and these products create a nice, glowy base so my coverage products don’t create a mask on my skin. My skin also leans on the dry side, so I like things that reflect light so my skin isn’t left looking dull.

Base Primers:

Becca First Light Priming Filter

This is the lightest feeling primer I use. It gives off radiance without glitter. It also has a purple tint meant to cancel out any yellow in the skin. My makeup goes on smoothly on top. I prefer this primer if I’m wanting to use a higher coverage foundation. It also smells citrusy and delicious.

Loreal Lumi Glotion

This formula is thicker than the Becca primer. It also provides more glow without glitter. It comes in a variety of shades, but I don’t find it provides coverage. It would be a nice no makeup makeup product, and it feels good under heavier foundations on my skin. My makeup goes on smoothly over this lotion. The smell is sweet but very subtle, almost like a baby doll smell.

MAC Strobe Cream

This formula is the thickest. It provides an intense but natural glow. I purchased the pink version and like how it makes my skin look youthful. It also has skincare ingredients in it. I prefer this primer under lighter foundation formulas because it’s heavy itself. It has a very distinct citrus smell I find hard to describe.

Milk Blur Stick

I use this product when my pores aren’t their best. My skin doesn’t get along with benefit porefessional or smashbox primer. Those both pill up on me. This is a pore smoothing product that allows my makeup to stay smooth on my skin. It really blurs. I think this would be another perfect no makeup makeup product. I only apply it around my nose and chin when I need it. It has an almost undetectable scent, possibly citrusy.

Under Eyes:

Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector

After having my second baby, my under eyes needed more attention. To combat dark circles, I first tried using a lighter concealer. This didn’t work it just kind of turned my undereyes a weird blurry shade. So a gave this product a try and am so happy I did. I find I have the most control when I apply with a small brush (I use the one that came with the naked pallets). I don’t have to use very much, so this tiny pot will probably last to its expiration date. This under eye primer seriously brings light to my face. It reflects in such a pretty way. I just end up using my face shade of concealer instead of lighter one because it’s so brightening. It also has beautiful packaging. I love a glass pot.


Glossier Balm Dot Com

I’ve been priming my lips with the balm dot com. I have the coconut version, and I’m not sure I can stray to try another one because I like it so much. It comes out of the tube in almost a solid form but then melts into my lips. It’s hydrating without being gloopy, so by the time I’m ready for something with color it glides on smoothly. It also smells like a coconut cookie. Yum.

What works best for prepping your makeup? Let me know!