I’ve taken a while to review this splurge-y palette. I really wanted to have a thorough review. I use it for everyday makeup looks, and I’ve also tried more complex (for me) looks, too.

Let’s start with the color palette. I use this to create pink and purple looks the most. I like the way purple tones bring the green in my eyes out. I was pleasantly surprised how vibrant the light purple shade (libra) is. The taupe shade (crash) pulls more rosy on my eyes than I anticipated, but I don’t mind. I also enjoy the gold glitters for an everyday sparkle, and the warmer tones for something different. The peach shade (utopia) is the first peach shadow I’ve used. It’s so bright and beautiful. I think it makes really lovely, sunset inspired eye looks.

I find the matte shades easy to work with and have been happy with the looks I’ve created. They blend well and are nicely pigmented. I use most of them for transition shades and smudging under my eyes. The darkest shade (vortex) I’ve only used for eyeliner.

The glitters are different than I expected, but I really enjoy them. I think celestial is the perfect way to describe them. It’s more of a smattering of starlight versus an opaque pile of glitter. The glitter spreads out and creates a nice effect, but it’s not piled up like you might be used to. I enjoy using the glitters as toppers. They add interest without overwhelming a look. If you’re looking for something that packs a glittery punch, like the Stila liquid glitters, this won’t give the same effect. I like that many of the glitters pull purple, and the shade supermoon is so beautiful layered or on its own.

The packaging is stunning. I love how unique and luxe it is. The transparent element really stands out in my collection, and I love when palettes are weighty. The mirror is huge, and I’ve used it to complete full makeup looks. It’s the best mirror I’ve had in a palette.

Overall, this palette has been worth it for me. I use it several days out of the week and anticipating hitting pan on several of the shades. I find the color selection excites me without overwhelming me.

Let me know what palettes you’ve been loving!



*My swatches are on clean, dry skin. I dipped in twice for finger swatches. Swatch pictures were taken in natural lighting, with no retouching or editing.