I keep holiday and seasonal decorating pretty minimal except for Christmas. When it comes to Christmas, I go full on Clark Griswold. Here are a few things I do like to do around my home to celebrate the seasons changing.

#1: Kitchen Chandelier

I have this little bottle chandelier hanging over our kitchen sink. I love the whimsy it adds to our kitchen. Every season, I swap out the flowers. I wish I had the attention to detail to use fresh flowers, but these are fauxs from Hobby Lobby. I’ll also be using a fall garland in this space. I can’t remember if I found the garland from Hobby Lobby or a local boutique.

This is how I decorated it for summer:

Here is how I switched it for fall:

I like to store all of my chandelier goodies in this basket so it’s quick and easy to decorate.

#2 Happy Everything Plate

I love having plates on display. It’s a practical way to decorate because I can take them down and use them. Happy Everything plates have velcro attachments I change for the seasons. It’s a simple and easy update. I purchased mine from a local boutique, The Vogue Boutique.

Here is the attachment I had for summer:

This is the one I’m using now:

#3 Candles

Scents are a great way to change the feel of a space. I love swapping out tropical for cozy when fall returns. It immediately adds a coziness to our home. Here are some of my favorites:

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles: This is the most poignant candle I’ve ever owned. It adds scent to a room without being lit. And the scent is perfect fall baking deliciousness.

Marshmallow Fireside: This scent it tied for my number one favorite candle. It’s sweet but smoky at the same time. I love all of Bath and Body Works’ firey smells.

Coconut Macaroon: I usually associate coconut with summer, but this candle has a warm, buttery scent paired with the coconut that makes it perfect for fall. I’m burning it right now and it is the perfect transition candle.

#4 Napkins

Napkins are a great seasonal swap because they are so practical. We have our napkin holder out on the table, and having a cute seasonal style makes me happy. It’s also an affordable way to decorate. I purchased these at Party City or Hobby Lobby; both places have affordable options, but my local boutiques always have adorable ones, too.

Other swaps are welcome rugs or wreaths. Target, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby often have sales for these items. Our cats destroy them, so we use the same indestructible mat and I’ve long given up having wreaths on our front door.

What are your favorites ways to decorate for fall? Let me know!