When it comes to fashion, I divide items into two categories. The first is key items. These are pieces that will last me a long time, so I feel comfortable investing in them. An example would be a white button-up shirt or a classic pair of jeans. I really think on these items and take my time before buying them. The second category is trendier pops. These are fun items that add spice to my wardrobe, but I know they might not withstand the test of time. I buy fewer of these items, and I don’t like to spend as much money on them. I like to really wear my clothes. I don’t like decluttering my wardrobe and feeling guilty for not getting use out of a piece.

Before a season starts, I like to look in my closet and see what wardrobe holes I have or if I need to update any pieces. I keep a list of items I need in my phone, and it really keeps me focused and less likely to impulse buy. Last year I really focused on sweaters; this year, I needed professional pants and a jean jacket. I consider these investment pieces because I wear professional pants almost every day during the school year, and a jean jacket is a staple piece in my wardrobe. Here’s what I’m swapping and why.

First, I’m swapping these green chinos. They aren’t the most comfortable and the pockets are a lot of work; I get the pants on and then have to spend a lot of time pushing the pockets down and lying them flat. I also am gravitating towards high-waisted pants right now because I think they are so much flattering on my figure. They really lengthen my short legs. I found these knit green pants to replace the chinos with. They are so incredibly comfortable. I was in the fence for sizing, and probably could have sized down. I can’t wait to style them.

Next I’m swapping these camel pants. They are seven years old, so quality-wise they were amazing. A couple years ago I had them altered them from a flare leg to more tapered one and was really happy with the style. Again, I wanted to update with a high-waisted version and I love the cargo pockets on the sides of the new version. I also like the wider waistband for tucking in shirts.

My last investment piece swap is this jean jacket. I cannot even remember how long I’ve had this jacket in my closet, but it was time for an upgrade. It’s cropped, which I like, but it’s always been tight through my shoulders and I am uncomfortable wearing anything heavier than a T-shirt underneath. Last winter, I was on the hunt for a trucker style jacket but couldn’t find a version at a price I was comfortable spending. This upgrade was from Target, and I’m in love. It has dropped shoulders and nice long lines. I think it’s really flattering for an oversized jacket. The arms are also large enough I could wear it over a cozy sweater or hooded jacket (I love that doubled up look). I like that there’s also enough space that I can really scrunch up the sleeves, too.

And just for a bonus item, I love this top from Express. This falls between the two categories. Animal print stands the test of time, but the cropped style seems trendy to me. Since the collar is a different print, it gives Peter Pan collar vibes. The cropped style is perfect for high-waisted pant. I think it’ll look cute for work and styled for the weekend.

How do you go about organizing and decluttering your wardrobe? What pieces are you investing in this season and what trends are you looking forward to? Let me know!