Skincare is a part of my regimen that I don’t skip. Nails and hair I’m not as consistent about, but skin I’m all in. From a young age I’ve washed and moisturized consistently, but now that I’m nearing 30 I have a couple more steps. We only get one set of skin, and I’m trying to take good care of it.

Just for background I’m 29, I have dry to normal skin, and I don’t have any fillers or Botox. I also am not a regular with any spa services, so all my skincare is done at home. I want my skin to look as plump and glowy as possible. I’m not a dermatologist or esthetician, so I’m not an expert. However, Wayne Goss and I do use several of the same products, so I feel like that gives me some credibility;)


I like to double cleanse in the evening. I wear makeup, and this ensures I’m removing it all and any dirt from the day. I like to go in first with a jelly cleanser; right now I’m using this one from Bliss. Then, I’ll go in with my Clean & Clear cleanser. I’ve been using this stuff for ages, and it combats breakouts without over-drying my skin. In the morning, I splash my face with water but don’t wash with product. I’ve found washing my face too often leaves it really dry and sensitive.


Exfoliation is probably my favorite step in my routine. I love the look my skin has when it’s been scrubbed, either chemically or physically. I don’t use these products all at once or too often.

Fresh Sugar Strawberry Exfoliating Face Wash

I reserve physical exfoliants for when I need some extra exfoliation, probably twice a week max. My skin is pretty sensitive, so any more than that and it wouldn’t be happy. This one leaves me fresh without causing any irritation. It also smells divine.

Pixi Vitamin-C Tonic

I use this in the evening after cleansing. It’s very gentle and leaves my skin looking glowy. I’ve only been using it for a month, so I can’t speak to its long-term effects.

Pixi Glow Tonic

This product is a long-term staple. I’ve repurchased this several times. I use it every morning, and notice if I forget it. It’s also very gentle. Glow is in the name for a reason.

Tinkle Razors

Two or three times a month I’ll shave my face with these razors. It removes peach fuzz, but it also exfoliates my face. My hair does not grow back thick and long like rumors will tell you. I like how makeup apply to my skin after using these. I learned how to do this by watching Michelle Money’s tutorial years ago.


My favorite mask right now is this L’Oréal clay mask. It does a great job clearing my pores. My husband also likes it. To moisturize after, I like to pair it with the Neutrogena Hydrogel Masks. I wish these weren’t sheet masks, but they cling nicely to my skin and provide so much moisture.


These two are my current favorites. I’ve tried a lot of moisturizers. The drunk elephant one is so nice. It’s unscented and really hydrates my skin. I especially like to use this after masking and under makeup. It’s so good that I purchased the full size after using up this mini. Major commitment. The fresh rose mask I prefer on lighter skincare nights, and I exclusively use it in the evening.


Sunscreen is so important. This one from Dermalogica is really nice. It works well under makeup. I know there are more affordable options, but this one was on sale during the Ulta 21 days of beauty and has lasted me a surprisingly long time.

Let me know what your favorite step in your skincare routine or what your most repurchased product is!