I found or rediscovered some products this summer that I’m so happy with, and I wanted to share them. I almost titled this “essentials,” but really these are just things I enjoy and used a lot. A lot a lot.

Let’s start with fashion. These items have been on serious repeat this summer. I’m happy to know that I have really worn these items. And, bonus, all three will be perfect transition items into fall.

Gap Sneakers

These are the best sneakers I’ve ever owned. I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve worn them almost every day since I’ve gotten them. They are casual without being too athletic for me to wear with just about anything. They are leather, so they took some breaking in. Now they are very comfortable. The leather makes them easy to take care of and substantial enough to take me into fall and winter.

Old Navy Tank

This was a random find, and I loved it so much I bought a backup. I’m picky with white tank tees and tanks, and this one is my all time favorites. I like wearing it tucked in because it gives off bodysuit vibes. It’s opaque enough that I can wear a flesh toned bra alone under without worrying about it being too see-through.

Express Resin Earrings

These trendy babes allow me to switch it up from my usual gold hoops. I love that they have black, brown, and white because they can go with almost any outfit. They will also be super cute with fall sweaters.

Now on to beauty items. These can also stick with me into colder months.

Dermalogica Sunscreen

This one wasn’t cheap. I bought it during Ulta’s 21 days of beauty and have worn it almost every day. It’s got a sincscreen smell that I actually enjoy. It’s actually one of the reasons I apply it so diligently (and the obvious sun protection). It also isn’t as greasy as other formulas, so I think people with oilier skin types would like it, too. I know there other great and affordable options, but I wanted to share this because it’s been my go to.

IGK Beach Club Texture Spray

This is the first summer I’ve rocked natural waves for the majority of days. I knew hairspray wouldn’t be an option because it just frizzes me up. This product doesn’t give hold, but it provides really nice volume without frizz. I like to spray it on under my top layers when my hair feels flat. It also has a great smell.

PTR Cucumber Gel Mask

I’ve had this in my collection before, but I really embraced it this summer. It’s so refreshing. I keep it in my fridge and use it post sun, workout, or whenever I just want some added hydration. It’s a spa-like pamper product.

Kristin Ess Curl Defining Cream

This product adds definition to my waves without crunch. I put it on damp hair and sleep with my hair piled up on my head. It adds some texture so I don’t have to use much, if any, heat. My hair is really heavy and not curly by any means, and this has been the first curl enhancing product I’ve enjoyed.

St. Tropez Watermelon Gradual Tan

This is the only tanner I’ve used since June. It gives a really pretty tan that’s natural looking for my skin tone. I haven’t been out in the sun too much this summer, so this adds a really healthy glow to my skin tone. Once I got used to no color guard and realized it’s best applied with a mitt I’ve really loved it.

What were your best find this summer? Let me know!