Summer Lifestyle Favorites

I love my home to have items that bring my family and I joy. Finding happiness in little things adds up. This is a list of household items that make me feel happy and pampered.

Nest Reed Diffuser

This product makes our bedroom smell so nice. It adds freshness to a space we spend a lot of time in. I find the bamboo scent very relaxing and spa-like, the top two things I want the bedroom to be. This product is expensive, but it lasts a long time. I could also increase the lasting power by using fewer reeds at a time. Bamboo is my favorite version, but the pear and grapefruit scents are also nice.

Method Bamboo Antibacterial Spray

Cleaning is a much more enjoyable task when I like the smell of my cleaning products. This is a more affordable way to bring the bamboo scent into my house. I keep this in the kitchen for wiping down counters. It’s a fresh product with a necessary purpose.


My husband and I love coffee. We drink a lot of coffee. The Chemex may not be as quick as a Keurig, but it’s something that makes us both happy. I also like that it slows down our mornings and is aesthetically pleasing. We also like French press coffee, but the Chemex is easier to clean.

Long Matches

I like to have a candle in the kitchen and bathroom. They bring warmth and light to a room, two things that make me feel good. I prefer lighting them with matches over a lighter. Something about striking a match is so satisfying, and I think these long ones look cute sitting on my kitchen counter.

Eucalyptus Spray
Awhile back, we visited my aunt and went to a store that sold essential oils. I had lightly dabbled in essential oils and loved this trip. My aunt gifted my mom a bottle of eucalyptus. She said she’d put a couple drops in her toilet to keep the restroom fresh. It makes the whole bathroom smell nice. This spring, my mom went on an entire eucalyptus journey. Our seasonal allergies were rough this year, and anything to promote breathing easier was welcome. She hung up eucalyptus branches in her bathroom, placed some in a vase in the living room, and bought this spray. This spray is wonderful and potent. I like to use one or two sprays while I take a bath and the aroma makes me feel like I’m at a spa. Mind you, my bathtub is lined with superhero action figures and rarely is a bath uninterrupted (not complaining), so anything to make that time feel soothing and peaceful is a hit for me.

Olive Oil Dispenser
My husband and I cook almost every meal at home. We like being in the kitchen together and feel better when we eat mostly home-cooked meals. We use a lot of olive oil. I didn’t like the look of a plastic olive oil bottle sitting out on the counter all of the time, and this dispenser solved that shallow problem. Now I don’t mind the olive oil sitting out all the time because it looks pretty.

What are some items around your house that bring you joy?