Sunkissed Blush

I love the sun. I’m like a cat; when the sun in out, I just want to lie in it. It makes me feel rejuvenated and happy. However, I’ve come to learn the importance of SPF, and now I lather my face, neck, and backs of my hands every. single. day. No matter the weather.

My Current Sunscreen

Doing this, though, made my look less “summery.” Yes, I self tan, but I missed that summer flush and added dimension. I think it’s so youthful and pretty to have the tops of my cheeks a little rosy. Thankfully, Wayne Goss and Kylie Jenner have taught me how to fake this look.

Awhile back, I watched a video of Wayne Goss using the Nars Exhibit A blush. It’s a terrifying shade of red, but man the results were amazing. He also showed how to apply blush(er) higher on the cheekbones, and wow. I’ve been wearing my blush that way ever since.

NARS Exhibit A
NARS Exhibit A

Before that, I had a love/hate relationship with blush. I don’t have the most chiseled features, and the way most tutorials apply blush really seemed to drag my face down. Applying it higher really gives my face the shape I prefer. I’ve noticed when my three year old son is flushed, his cheeks get rosy in a similar pattern, and a youthful look is what I’m going for.

I also watched a tutorial of Kylie Jenner, and it showed her applying blush multiple times and on multiple areas of her face, including her forehead and chin. I really liked how it pulled her look together and made created a nice, sun kissed glow. If I go too overboard on the blush, I just go over if with a clean, fluffy brush or some bronzer. Both kind of blur the pigment into my skin and help correct.

Combining these things make my SPF slathered face look like I just got home from a beach vacation.

There’s a tutorial for this blush look up on IGTV.
What changes do you have in your beauty routine when summer rolls around?